Sunday, 19 October 2008


The angel waited for the city dwellers to spill out onto the streets -watching from his post that stretched to the edge of the planets atmosphere.

The camera turned to a petrol station somewhere in the UK

'...erm bugger, I've forgotten my number...wait, yeah, number 5 mate...'

'What number is that? Enquired the attendant with increasing impatience.

'I said number 8...'

Enter your card then...'

Jamie duly placed his plastic into the slot.

'Enter your number numskull...'

'What did ya say pal?'

'...just enter your number mate...'

Jamie shook his head...I must be hearing those voices again.


'Hey come on, I put £20 quid've got it wrong...'

'How often do you think eh kid? This is the furthest point you've ever gotten to in your life and here you are quibbling over a couple of squid'.

'Cut the crap man...alls am sayin' is... I just put in £20 worth...'

'If you don't pay up, I'll have the security over here faster than you can say...'

Jamie snatched his card out of the machine, barging past the other people in the que and out the door.

His eyes scanned the desolate forecourt, resting upon a long thin wooden pole jetting out streams of luminous bubbles into the hazy Sunday evening sky.