Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Universo Train Station

Universo Train station.

John clambered along the desolate train platform 500 yards east of the Universo Stadium. ‘I fear I’m getting too old for all this…’ he thought to himself as the shouts from his attackers receded into the darkness. He looked down at the crumbs on his jumper and sobbed for a moment.

Touching his forehead he could feel the wetness of the blood above his left eye. The sound of the Universo city machines were deafening on that night. The drills made every surface and every bone in the city vibrate whilst the blue tinged smoke billowed across the rail tracks.

John looked up at the mirror at the end of the platform and saw a reflection of a greying crumpled beaten man. ‘I want to be 10 again.’ He adjusted his scarf and wrapped it around his bloodied forehead.

‘Tweet’. A blackbird landed on the arm of the bench. John stared and mumbled,

‘Hello there little fellow.’

‘Tweet, Tweet.’

The bird hopped onto his legs and started to eat the crumbs from John’s jumper.

‘You really are a bold one.’ Said John. The bird landed on the ground and stared up... Man and beast locked gazes for a moment.

‘Universo..o way..o…Universo…o …way …oh!’ The startled bird flew up into the orange sky at the sound of the returning attackers. John stood up from his seat and turned towards the figures as they moved towards him.

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