Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sporting Stories: The Breckindale moon.

The Breckindale moon.

Marcia stood at the tip of Breckindale hill and looked down into the town below, orange lights flickering in Tracker town She scanned the skies and felt a sense of impending doom overcome her senses. Marcia tuned her radio in to the latest football match on Sporting radio.

Pundit 1: ‘well Brian, The moon has been missing now for the past 3 nights, and still rather peculiarly, may I be so bold as to add, nothing appears to have changed. No tidal waves, severe changes in the weather, psychological outbreaks…nothing’.

Pundit 2: ‘Well, that’s all very good my man, but we’ve had a big game tonight – do you think the Delta manager was right in his refusal to take off his tired players at the end of the first half?’

Pundit 2: ‘Aye, he’s got to start looking at that really – I mean…’

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